Purge OneDrive

I hate it when after a fresh Windows 10 install, OneDrive is installed automatically as well. From time to time it pops up, wanting you to sign in or setup an account. Even when you disabled the automatic startup function.

It is annoying as hell plus I never use it, so I wanted to get rid of it. You can’t remove it the “normal” way, so I made a batch file that does it for you.


And for people regretting the decision of removing it, I made another batch that reinstalls it.

old Spacebuild Garry’s Mod map released

I pulled an old map from the dust: sb_spatium.


A fan called Jim e-mailed me and said that he got this map from garrysmod.org where I uploaded it back in 2012.
The map itself was finished in 2010.

Jim’s email motivated me to release it again on the Steam workshop.


Power failure

Hey everyone,

Tonight between 19:00 (7 pm) and 23:45 (11:45 pm) UTC +1, the Unturned, Minecraft, Ark and webserver were offline due to a power failure.

A component on the power distribution board failed, which had to be replaced by the power network operator.

The server is back online.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

On what hardware are the gameservers hosted?

All the game servers I offer and this website are hosted on the same, and heavily customized server.

Most parts are scrapped from other, older servers from work. I selected the best parts from them, bought a separate SuperMicro motherboard so the usable components wouldn’t be limited by vendor and space restrictions.

Some of the parts

ARK server taming speed

After a request regarding the fact that holiday season is over and school (or work) started again for many, I increased the dino’s taming speed another 50%.

So the taming speed is now twice as fast as the default settings.

ARK Server tweaks

I tweaked some settings on the server to be a little more accommodating towards players that don’t have all the time in the world to play, yet keeping the game challenging.

These are the tweaks:

– Difficulty changed: NPC’s now spawn with a max level of 60, instead of 36.
– Taming speed increased by 50%.
– Harvesting speed increased by 50%
– Health of resources increased 100%. For example, trees take twice as long to chop down, but give twice the amount of wood/thatch. That means less walking.

I left the XP multiplier unchanged, because the changes above will already give you XP slightly faster.

Ark server


Now hosting an ARK server!

Me and my friends started playing Ark, and we would like to meet more people on our server.

We’re quite a friendly bunch, and it would be great to find other players and tribes, learn and trade with them, go on adventures, etc.

If you are up for it, join the unofficial server Drumdevil’s Ark.

Everyone is welcome!


* PS
The server’s launch date was a couple of weeks earlier than when this post was made.

Plans for a new prop pack…

As you might know, I’m gonna work on a couple of new props.
I’ve given it a lot of thought of how to release them, considering there already is a prop pack in the workshop. Originally this was just an SVN version I uploaded back then.

A lot of questions and challenges were bothering me, especially the fact that changing anything to the existing pack will probably break everyone’s saves and dupes. Not to mention the annoying folder structure, and the fact that you can’t include spawn lists properly. So I came to this decision: